Mortal victims

Mortal victims of hate crimes between 2015 and june 2020

Figure 13: Map of Europe mortal victims according to Civil Society data and identified mortal victims
⚠︎The absence of hate crime data in Poland and Hungary is symptomatic of the lack of control over hate crimes.

Mortal victims according to Civil Society Data
Identified mortal victims

Figure 14: Total number of hate-related mortal victims by motivation, 2015-June 2020

Racism and xenophobia Total victims: 25


Sexual orientation Total victims: 21


Multiple motives Total victims: 19


Anti-Christianism Total victims: 6


Anti-Gypsyism Total victims: 6


Political intolerance Total victims: 5


Aporophobia Total victims: 4

Anti-Semitism Total victims: 2

Figure 15: Annual change in total number of hate-related mortal victims by motivation, 2015-June 2020

10 13 19 15 20 11
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
In memoriam:

We have tried to bring the victims out of their anonymity as a matter of dignity. This was not possible for everyone, but we have sought as much information as possible (name, age, locality, motive, type of aggression and illustrative data on the story).

According to official data, 56 people were killed in hate crimes in Germany, while unofficial data indicate 27 (the identity of 29 of all the victims has been verified). In France, the number of deaths is 49, according to official sources, and 6 by unofficial ones (6 of them identified). In Spain, official data record 5 mortal victims, in contrast to 32 (all identified) that appear in unofficial data. In Italy, official data reflect 2 deaths as opposed to 25 recorded in unofficial sources (22 identified). Finally, according to official for Poland there is 1 mortal victim while unofficial figures state 10 (of which 7 have been identified). Three of these victims are persons who arrived in Europe and had recently converted from Islam to Christianity, which had a deterrent effect on other recently-arrived people.

Determining the exact motive behind this type of homicide involves psychological and legal analysis of each case. Data collection from newspapers and other open sources multiplies the motive to be considered.

In the cases where the perpetrators are known, Christians are considered in eles except for one case, an intolerant and fundamentalist secularist who considers believers to be worthy of death.

We set up a classification system based on the motives mentioned in our sources, considering that this affected the outcome, although in no case does it make any absolute or exclusive suppositions.

Fitting the psychological and philosophical reality of hate into statistical and mathematical parameters requires an in-depth multidisciplinary analysis, so these classifications will be revised in the future.


* (FRA - 981)
* (Country- Database entry number)

FRA: France
DEU: Germany
ITA: Italy
SPA: Spain
POL: Poland
HUN: Hungary

Type of motivation
S: single
M: Multiple

Anticristianismo Anti-Gypsyism
Homophobia Political intolerance
Racism and xenophobia Aporophobia
Ideological hatred NS (Non-specified)
Right-wing Several Motivations


M - Men
F - Female
T - Transgender/transexuals

Table 8: Identified mortal victims by type of hate crime

Nombre / ApellidosControlAñoPaísCiudadMotiv. SexoEdadDetalles
1Anonymous *2016FRA--H--Christian man murdered in refugee camp
2Sarah Halimi
2017FRAParisM60Jewish doctor murdered
3Mireille Knoll2018FRAParisM85Murder of a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps
4Vanessa Campos2018FRAParis T36Peruvian trans woman murdered
5Anónimo2018FRA-- H--Muslim man shot to death
6Mamoudou Barry
2019FRARouenH31Racist killing in Rouen
7Anonymous, DO2015ITA--------
8Anonymous, DO2015ITASassariH22Young immigrant student beat to death by five minors
9Roberto Pantic, DNO2015ITACalcioH43Gypsy man shot to death while sleeping in a van
10Sare Mamadou, DNO2015ITALuceraH37Migrant shot to death for stealing a melon
11Toure Saidou, DNO2015ITACalabriaH36Malian man with residence found death from an assault
12Anónimo, DO2016ITA--T--Transexual woman is murdered and her body is left in a dumpster
13Mohamed Habassi2016ITAParmaH34Tunisian man tortured to death
14Emmanuel Chidi Namdi
2016ITAFermoT36Nigerian man murdered by an ultra
15Anonymous, DO2017ITA-- T60Trans migrant stabbed to death
17Niang Maguette2017ITARome
18Angelica Halinovic, DNO2017ITARome
M43 sisters murdered in a fire set by a Molotov cocktail thrown inside their van during their sleep
19Francesca Halinovic, DNO2017ITARome
M83 sisters murdered in a fire set by a Molotov cocktail thrown inside their van during their sleep
20Elisabeth Halinovic, DNO2017ITARome
M203 sisters murdered in a fire set by a Molotov cocktail thrown inside their van during their sleep
21Anonymous2017ITA--M--Brasilian child dies by suicide after continuous harassment and insults
22Soumaila Sacko2018ITACalabria
H29Young Malian man shot in the head
23Anonymous, DO2018ITAApriliaH43Dies while escaping from a persecution
24Idy Diene2018ITAFlorenciaH54Six shots at point blank range fired at a street vendor
25Elisa Pomarelli, DO2019ITACarpaneto Piacentino M28Murdered for rejecting her captor (who was her friend)
26Umberto Ranieri, DO2019ITARome
H55Beaten to death after an altercation with a group of young people in public transport
27Anonymous, DO2019ITACastelfrancoH52--
28Daniel Nyarko, DO
2019ITABorgo MezzanoneH51Ghanan man shot to death while riding his bike
29Daniel Nyarko, DO
2019ITAMarcianiseH29Senegalese man brutally run over by a car
30Jerry Boakye, DNO2019ALECasertaH29Dies from complications two years after a racist assault in the bus
31Luke Holland2015ALEBerlinH31A man with a history of right-wing extremism shot a young British man without motive and without having exchanged a word in a bar in Neukölln, where he previously complained about how little German was spoken in the place
32Anonymous DO2016ALEFreiburgM31Crime against Christian woman
33Maria M DO2016ALEBad Friedrichshall
M70Killed for being an “infidel”
34Jim Reeves
2016ALEBerlin H47The victim was murdered by two men inside a hostel
35Daniel Ernst2016ALEGeorgensmündH32The victim was a police officer who, alongside three colleagues, was attacked by a right-wing activist
36Eugeniu Botnari2016ALEBerlin
H34Man murdered in a supermarket in Hamburg
37†Anonymous2017ALEHamburgoH50Man murdered in a supermarket in Hamburg
38F.S.2017ALEPrienM38Afghan woman who converted to Christianism is murdered in front of her children
39Shaden Mohamed Al-Gohari
2017ALECottbusM22Egyptian student run over by a car
40Ruth K2017ALEDöbelnM85Victim killed in a fire set with the intention of blaming and harming a refugee who had moved into the housing building
41Christian Sonnemann2017ALEKatlenburg-Lindau H37--
42Philip W2018ALENeunkirchen- WiebelskirchenH38With the purpose of getting “revenge” on foreigners, three individuals set fire to the building where the victim and other refugees resided
43Christopher W.2018ALEAue (Sajonia) H27Humilliated, tortured and killed because of homophobia
44Alain Glorent Gan Dolou2019ALEBerlin H54Catholic priest murdered
45Walter Lübcke2019ALEWolfhagen- Istha (Hessen) H65Politician of the CDU killed by a right-wing extremist
46Kevin S.2019ALEHalle (Saale) H20After failing to get into a Synagogue, the murdered goes into a Dönner-Imbiss and shoots the victim
47Anonymous2019ALEHessenH60The victim was stabbed in the heart and lungs by his Kazakhstani neigbour who before asked him if he was a homosexual. In the trial he claimed to have received a message from God to kills someone “bad” (which to him meant a homosexual)
48Mario K2020ALEAltenburg H52The victim was brutally killed inside his apartment by two men ages 19 and 23, who allegedly wanted to “teach him a lesson” for having offered them money in exchange for sexual acts
49Alan2015ESPBarcelona T17Died of suicide because of transphobic harassment
50Lyssa Da Silva2015ESPAlicante T41Trans woman found dead with significant bruises in the head and neck
51Salah Touil2015ESPTotanaH--Killed in a beating amid a group discussion at the doors of a night club
52Younes Slinanni2016ESPFuentidueña del Tajo, MadridH39The victim received 5 shots in the back following a traffic discussion
53Said Tahraoui2016ESPZaragoza H47Killed after being brutally beaten
54Lorena Reyes Mantilla2016ESPSanta Cruz de Tenerife T--Trans woman dies after falling off a cliff while escaping from her aggressor
55Vasile Mecica2016ESPEl Puig M47Homeless person beaten and stabbed to death by two young boys in the hut where he was spending the night
56Alberto Enrique Ferrer2017ESPValencia
H42Homosexual man murdered after a date
57Victor Laínez2017ESPZaragozaH55Victim of ideological hatred, suffers a brutal beating for wearing suspenders with the flag of Spain in them
58Naiara Abigail Briones
2017ESPSabiñanigoM8Killed in a brutal beating in a punishment at the hands of her step-uncle
59Steven Allford2017ESPMálagaH51Died in his sleep after receiving a beating
60Pablo Podadera2018ESPMálagaH22Killed at the hands of an ultra group during a discussion outside a night club
61Mouad A.2018ESPMadridH33A Moroccan shopkeeper is stabbed to death
62Fernando Lumbreras2018ESPValencia H60LGBTQI activist murdered
63S.H.2018ESPZaragozaH20Young Algerian man dies after an assault
64Francisco Javier U.P, alias "La Ely"2018ESPValladolid T55Mortal beating with extreme cruelty at the hands of a minor
65Najuzaith Zahell2018ESPMadrid H35Puerto Rican man killed in his own home
66Ekai Lersundi2018ESPOndarroa T16Dies of suicide from transphobic harassment
67Thalia2018ESPMóstolesT17Dies of suicide from transphobic harassment
68Paloma Barreto2019ESPAvilés T38Transexual asesinada brutalmente en un piso de citas
69Anonymous2019ESPCastellón M--Transexual woman killed, a man and a woman are the presumed culprits
70Stefan Pruteanu2019ESPSan Bartolomé de TirajanaH61Romanian homeless man without legs is strangled and burnt to death
2019ESPLliria T18Dies of suicide from transphobic harassment
72Anonymous2019ESPCastellón T--Trans woman suffocated and beaten to death in a field of orange trees where she worked as a prostitute
73Guolo C.2019ESPBarcelonaH25Young Chinese man killed in a beating outside of a night club
74Lucas2020ESPAlcalá de Guadaira T21Dies of suicide from transphobic harassment
75Laureano Almeida Damura2020ESPBarcelonaH60Presumed to have been murdered by Thiago Fernandes Lages, serial killer arrested in Barcelona during the 2020 lockdown
76Imad Allouss2020ESPBarcelonaH22Presumed to have been murdered by Thiago Fernandes Lages, serial killer arrested in Barcelona during the 2020 lockdown
77Juan Ramón Barberán Giner2020ESPBarcelonaH76Presumed to have been murdered by Thiago Fernandes Lages, serial killer arrested in Barcelona during the 2020 lockdown
78Jean Pierre Herbillon2020ESPBarcelonaH32Presumed to have been murdered by Thiago Fernandes Lages, serial killer arrested in Barcelona during the 2020 lockdown
79Susana Criado2020ESPOviedoT61Transexual woman punched to death at the entrance of her home in Oviedo
80Manuel Fernández2020ESPHuelvaH54Shot to death in an agricultural estate
81Stefan Golebiowski2015POLBiezum
H14Dies by suicide from harassment
82Anonymous2017POL-- H----
83Milo Mazurkiewicz2019POLWarsawT--Dies by suicide after a life of harassment
84Anónimo 2019POLWarsawH60--
85Pawel Adamowicz2019POLGdanskH54--
86Wasyl2019POLJastrzębsko StareH36--
88Anonymous2020POLKozieniceH12Child dies of suicide from homophobic harassment

* It is not known if the data coincides with the gender identify of the victim

† * Hate crime indicent motivated by jihadism, a consequence of ideological monism which includes elements of social intolerance and intolerance towards institutions and religions. The author of the crime shouted “Al·lahu-àkbar” during the attack.

Figure 16: Map of Europe with total identified mortal victims by country

Motivations in fatal attacks
Motivations in fatal attacks

9 attacks against Christians

Single motivation: 8 mortal victims



Multiple motivation: 1 mortal victim

Anti-Christianism, racism and xenophobia


*Data collected until June 2020

Victims by gender

3 men

5 women

Nº attacks by country
Motivations in fatal attacks
Motivations in fatal attacks

3 Mortal attacks motivated by anti-Semitism

Single motivation: 2 mortal victims


Multiple motivation: 1 mortal victim

Anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia, and radical right political intolerance


*Datos recogidos hasta junio de 2020

Victims by gender

1 man

2 women

Nº attacks by country
Motivations in fatal attacks
Motivations in fatal attacks

31 Mortal attacks with homophobic motivation

Single motivation: 21 mortal victims

Homophobic attack


Multiple motivation: 10 mortal victims

Homophobia and racism/xenophobia: 7 Homophobia and social darwinism: 2 Homophobia and radical right political intolerance: 1

Homophobia and Social Darwinism: 2

Homophobia and far-right political intolerance: 1


*Data collected until June 2020

Victims by gender

14 men

1 woman

15 transexuals/transgender

1 unknown


Nº attacks by country
Motivations in fatal attacks
Motivations in fatal attacks

39 Mortal attacks motivated by racism and xenophobia

Single motivation: 25 mortal victims

Racism and xenophobia

Racism and xenophobia, aporophobia: 4

Racismo y xenofobia, aporofobia: 4

Racism and xenophobia, political intolerance, anti-Semitism: 1

Racism and xenophobia, political intolerance: 1

Racism and xenophobia, islamophobia: 2

Racism and xenophobia, homophobia: 5

Racism and xenophobia, anti-Christianism: 1


*Data collected until June 2020

Victims by gender

27 men

5 women

4 transexuals/transgender

3 unknown


Nº attacks by country
Motivations in fatal attacks
Motivations in fatal attacks

6 Anti-Gypsy mortal attacks

Single motivation: 6 mortal victims



*Data collected until June 2020

Victims by gender

3 men

3 women

Nº attacks by country
Motivations in fatal attacks
Motivations in fatal attacks

6 Mortal attacks motivated by political intolerance

Single motivation: 4 mortal victims

Political intolerance

Multiple motivation: 2 mortal victims

Political intolerance (radical right), homophobia: 1

Political intolerance (radical right), racism and xenophobia, anti-Semitism: 1


*Data collected until June 2020

Victims by gender

6 men

Nº attacks by country
Motivations in fatal attacks
Motivations in fatal attacks

5 Mortal attacks by aporophobia

Single motivation: 5 mortal victims



*Data collected until June 2020

Victims by gender

5 men

Nº attacks by country

Mortal victims from terrorist attacks between 2015 and June 2020

A total of 310 people died from what have been termed terrorist attacks in the countries included in this study between 2015 and mid-2020. A figure that is spread between the 258 mortal victims in France, 36 mortal victims in Germany and 16 mortal victims in Spain.

The case of the shooting perpetrated by 18-year-old David Sonboly in a shopping mall in Munich on July 22, 2016, where 9 people were killed and 32 others injured, shows some imprecise boundaries between ideologically motivated acts and terrorism offenses, as well as the process of violent radicalization. This imprecision means that, depending on the source, the same case may qualify as a terrorist attack or a hate attack. For the purposes of this study, an attempt has been made to maintain the qualification given by the OSCE.
With a greater degree of complexity, the professional machination of terrorism yields even more cruel data of dehumanization in the actions of terrorist organizations.

 Gráfico 17: Mapa Europa víctimas mortales por ataques terroristas, 2015-junio 2020

Mortal victims of terrorism

*(FRA -981)

País-Nº de entrada en la base de datos

FRA: Francia
ALE: Alemania
ESP: España

H: Hombre
M: Mujer

Tipo de atentado      
Extrema derecha

Table 9: Mortal victimsby type of terrorist attack

Nombre / Apellidos#FechaPaísCiudadEdadSexoTipo de atentado
1Bruno GulottaES-051/UE17-8-2017SPABarcelona35H
2Luca Rosso
3Carmen LopardaES-051/UE17-8-2017SPABarcelona80M
4Elke VanbockrijckES-051/UE17-8-2017SPABarcelona44M
5María de LurdesES-051/UE17-8-2017SPABarcelona74M
6María Correira
7Jared TuckerES-051/UE17-8-2017SPABarcelona43H
8Julian CadmanES-051/UE17-8-2017SPABarcelona7H
9Ian Moore WilsonES-051/UE17-8-2017SPABarcelona--H
10Silviana Alejandra PereyeraES-051/UE17-8-2017SPABarcelona40M
11Francisco López RodríguezES-051/UE17-8-2017SPABarcelona57H
12Javier MartínezES-051/UE17-8-2017SPABarcelona3H
13Pepita CodinaES-051/UE17-8-2017SPABarcelona75M
15Pau PérezES-051/UE17-8-2017SPABarcelona34H
16Ana María SuárezES-051/UE17-8-2017SPABarcelona67M
17Frédéric BoisseauFR-008/UE7-1-2015FRAParis42H
18Franck BrinsolaroFR-008/UE7-1-2015FRAParis49H
19Jean CabutFR-008/UE7-1-2015FRAParis76H
20Elsa CayatFR-008/UE7-1-2015FRAParis54M
21Stéphane CharbonnierFR-008/UE7-1-2015FRAParis47H
22Philippe HonoréFR-008/UE7-1-2015FRAParis73H
23Bernard Maris
24Mustapha OurradFR-008/UE7-1-2015FRAParis60H
25Michel RenaudFR-008/UE7-1-2015FRAParis69H
26Bernard VerlhacFR-008/UE7-1-2015FRAParis57H
27Georges WolinskiFR-008/UE7-1-2015FRAParis80H
28Ahmed MerabetFR-008/UE7-1-2015FRAParis42H
29Clarissa Jean-PhilippeFR-009/UE8-1-2015FRAParis25M
30Philippe BrahamFR-010/UE9-1-2015FRAParis45H
31Yohan CohenFR-010/UE9-1-2015FRAParis22H
32Yoav HattabFR-010/UE9-1-2015FRAParis21H
33François-Michel SaadaFR-010/UE9-1-2015FRAParis64H
34Aurélie ChâtelainFR-011/UE19-4-2015FRAVillejuif33M
35Hervé CornaraFR-012/UE26-6-2015FRASaint-Quenti 54H
36Véronique Geoffroy de BourgiesFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis54M
37†Caroline PrénatFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis24M
38Hugo SarradeFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis23H
39Christophe LelloucheFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis33H
40Yannick MinvielleFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis39H
41Raphaël RuizFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis37H
42Mathieu HocheFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis37H
43Jean-Jacques KirchheimFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis44H
44Fabrice DuboisFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis46H
45Guillaume Le DrampFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis33H
46Víctor MúñozFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis24H
47Claire CamaxFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis34M
48Romain DunetFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis28H
49Ciprian CalciuFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis32H
50Kheireddine SahbiFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis29H
51Anna Pétard LiefriggFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis24M
52Marion Pétard LiefriggFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis27M
53Valentin RibetFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis26H
54Lacrimioara PopFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis29M
55Aurélie de PerettiFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis33M
56Amine IbnolmobarakFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis29H
57Marion JouanneauFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis24M
58Gilles LeclercFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis32H
59Ariane TheillerFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis24M
60Guillaume Barreau DecherfFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis42H
61Salah Emad El-GebalyFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis28H
62Sébastien ProisyFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis37H
63Nathalie JardinFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis31M
64Pierre-Antoine HenryFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis36H
65Nohemi GonzálezFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis23M
66Christophe FoultierFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis39H
67Matthieu de RorthaisFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis32M
68Suzon GarriguesFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis21M
69Matthieu GiroudFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis38H
70Nick AlexanderFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis36H
71Alban Denuit
72Isabelle MerlinFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis44M
73Manuel Colaco DiasFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis63H
74Eric ThoméFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis39H
75Précilia CorreiaFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis35M
76Juan Alberto González GarridoFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis29H
77Hyacinthe KomaFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis36H
78Sven Alejandro Silva PeruginiFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis29H
79Stella VerryFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis37 M
80Justine MoulinFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis23 M
81Thierry HardouinFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis41H
82Marie-Aimée DallozFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis34M
83David PerchirinFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis41 H
84Christopher Neuet-Shalter
FR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis39 H
85Valeria SolesinFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis28M
86Nicolas DegenhardtFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis37H
87Armelle Pumir AnticevicFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis42H
88Thomas DuperronFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis30H
89Quentin MourierFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis29 H
90Hélène Muyal-LeirisFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis35M
91Raphael HilzFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis28H
92Cécile MisseFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis32M
93Luis Felipe Zschoche ValleFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis33H
94Cédric GometFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis30H
95Fanny MinotFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis29M
96Cédric MauduitFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis41H
97Renaud Le GuenFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis29H
98Maxime BouffardFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis26H
99Vincent DetocFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis38H
100Chloé BoissinotFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis25M
101Stéphane HacheFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis52H
102Marie MosserFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis24M
103Nathalie LauraineFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis39M
104Justine DupontFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis34M
105Milko JozicFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis47H
106Elif DoganFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis27M
107Patricia San MartínFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis61M
108Elsa Delplace San MartínFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis35M
109Romain DidierFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis32H
110Lamia MondeguerFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis30M
111Lola SalinesFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis29M
112Nicolas ClasseauFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis43H
113Olivier VernadalFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis44H
114Djamila HoudFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis41M
115Ludovic BoumbasFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis40H
116Maud SerraultFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis37M
117Charlotte MeaudFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis29M
118Emilie MeaudFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis29M
119Romain FeuilladeFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis31H
120Halima Saadi NdiayeFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis36M
121Hodda SaadiFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis35M
122Fabian StechFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis51H
123Djalal SebaaFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis31H
124Anne-Laure ArrueboFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis36H
125Richard RammantFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis54H
126Bertrand NavarretFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis38H
127René BichonFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis62H
128Germain FereyFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis36H
129Quentin BoulengerFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis29H
130Manuel Pérez ParedesFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis40H
131Stéphane AlbertiniFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis39H
132Pierre InnocentiFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis40H
133Julien GalissonFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis32H
134Estelle RouatFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis25M
135Anne Guyomard-CornetFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis30M
136Marie LauschFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis23M
137Mathias DymarskiFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis22H
138Franck PitiotFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis33H
139Antoine MaryFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis34H
140François-Xavier PrévostFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis29H
141Madeleine SadinFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis30M
142Thomas AyadFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis32H
143Claire Maitrot-TapprestFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis23M
144Thibaut Rousse LacordaireFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis36H
145Emmanuel BonnetFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis47H
146Baptiste ChevreauFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis24H
147Cécile MartinFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis33H
148Lola OuzounianFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis17M
149Jean-Jacques AmiotFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis68H
150Alva BerglundFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis23M
151Elodie BreuilFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis23M
152Nicolas CatinatFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis37H
153Cécile C. Peccadeau de L ́IsleFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis37M
154Asta DiakitéFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis35M
155Lucie DietrichFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis37M
156Gregory FosseFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis28H
157Mayeul GaubertFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis30H
158Michelli Gil JaimezFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis29M
159Stéphane GrégoireFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis46H
160Pierre-Yves GuyomardFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis43H
161Olivier HauducoeurFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis44H
162Frédéric HenninotFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis45H
163Christophe MutezFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis37H
164Romain NaufleFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis31H
165Cédric GinestouFR-013/UE13-11-2015FRAParis27H
166Jean-Baptiste SalvaingFR-014/UE13-06-2016FRAMagnan-ville42H
167Jessica SchneiderFR-014/UE13-06-2016FRAMagnan-ville
168Maria Grazia AscoliFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice72M
169Silan AydinFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice19M
170Mykhaylo BazelevskyyFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice22H
171Myriam BellazouzFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice24M
172Olfa Ben Souayah KhalfallahFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice31M
173Mathias BilliezFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice36H
174Alina BogdanovaFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice27M
175David BonnetFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice44H
176Laura BorlaFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice13M
177Adib BousfihaFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice51Hv
178Céline BousfihaFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice46M
179Aldjia BouzaouitFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice42M
180Jocelyne CaléoFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice70M
181Odile CaléoFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice45M
182Linda Casanova SiccardiFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice54M
183Mario CasatiFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice92H
184Hervé ChadeauFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice43H
185Fatima CharrihiFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice62M
186Igor ChelechkoFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice47H
187Marzena ChrzanowskaFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice20M
188Magdalena ChrzanowskaFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice21M
189Cristinel ComanFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice34H
190Sean CopelandFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice51H
191Brodie CopelandFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice11H
192Yanis CoviauxFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice4H
193Angelo D’AgostinoFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice71H
194Elizabeth Cristina de Assis RibeiroFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice30M
195Kayla de Assis RibeiroFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice6M
196Lionel DeforgeFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice70H
197Roman EkmaliyanFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice56H
198Rachel ErbsFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice39M
199Christiane FabryFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice67M
200Nariné GasparyanFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice34M
201Carla MassardiFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice48M
202Ludivine Gomes RodierFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice25M
203Emmanuel GroutFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice48H
204Mehdi HachadiFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice12H
205Elouan HattermannFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice12H
206Françoise HattermannFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice55M
207Pierre HattermannFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice56H
208Rickard KruusbergFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice21H
209Bilel LabbaouiFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice29H
210Nicolas LeslieFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice20H
211Germain LyonFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice68H
212Gisèle LyonFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice63H
213Véronique LyonFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice55M
214François LocatelliFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice82H
215Christiane LocatelliFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice78M
216Yanis MalvezinFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice8H
217Raymonde MamanFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice77M
218Robert MarchandFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice60H
219Fatima MarzoukFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice43M
220Thérèse MichelFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice72M
221Léa MignaçabalFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice68M
222Hugues MismaqueFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice49H
223Tatiana MuhamedovaFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice61M
224Camille MurrisFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice26M
225Gianna D’AgostinoFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice68M
226Sylviane Noailland-Roux-RaultFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice79M
227Natalia OttoFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice57M
228Lyubov PanchenkoFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice59H
229Marina PanchenkoFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice33M
230Silvia PanchenkoFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice2M
231Michaël PellegriniFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice28H
232André RaffaelliFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice16H
233Ludovic RodierFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice15H
234Zahia RahmouniFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice70M
235Laurence RasteuFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice46M
236Mino RazafitrimoFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice31M
237Laurence SahraouiFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice49M
238Léana SahraouiFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice2M
239Victoria SavtchenkoFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice20M
240Saskia SchnabelFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice29M
241Mohamed ToukabriFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice58H
242Amie VimalFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice12M
243Bruno VillaniFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice42H
244Jacqueline WurtlinFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice64M
245Kylian MejriFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice4H
246Salma Al KhodorFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice18M
247Remedios BorjaFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice25M
248Joseph BorjaFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice7H
249Patricia ZanonFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice62M
250Marie-Pierre VialeFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice57M
251Romain KnechtFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice10H
252Stéphanie CesariFR-015/UE14-7-2016FRANice43M
254Jacques HamelFR-016/UE26-7-2016FRASaint-Étienne-du-Rouvray86H
255Xavier JugeléFR-017/UE13-11-2015FRAParis37H
256Laura PaumierFR-018/UE1-10-2017FRAMarsella21M
257Mauranne HarelFR-018/UE1-10-2017FRAMarsella20M
258Jean MazièresFR-019/UE23-3-2018FRATrèbes61H
259Hervé SosnaFR-020/UE23-3-2018FRACarcasonne65H
260Christian MedvesFR-020/UE23-3-2018FRACarcasonne50H
261Arnaud BeltrameFR-020/UE23-3-2018FRACarcasonne44H
262Ronan GosnetFR-021/UE12-5-2018FRAParis29H
263Pascal VerdenneFR-022/UE11-12-2018FRAStrasbourg61H
264Kamal NaghchbandFR-022/UE11-12-2018FRAStrasbourg45 H
265Anupong SuebsamarnFR-022/UE11-12-2018FRAStrasbourg45H
266Barto Pedro Orent-NiedzielskiFR-022/UE11-12-2018FRAStrasbourg 36H
267Antonio MegalizziFR-022/UE11-12-2018FRAStrasbourg28H
268Damien Ernest--10-3-2019FRAParis50H
269Anthony Lancelot--10-3-2019FRAParis39H
270Brice Le Mescam--10-3-2019FRAParis38H
271Aurélia Trifiro--10-3-2019FRAParis39M
272Thierry Nivon--4-4-2020FRARomans-sur-Isère55H
273Julien Vinson--4-4-2020FRARomans-sur-Isère44H
274Janusz Michalski--1-3-2020DEUParis56H
276Viktor E.DE-013/UE16-10-2015DEUHamburgo16H
284Fabrizia Di LorenzoDE-014/UE19-12-2016DEUBerlin31M
285Dalia ElyakimDE-014/UE19-12-2016DEUBerlin60M
286Lukasz UrbanDE-014/UE19-12-2016DEUBerlin37H
287Nada CizmarovaDE-014/UE19-12-2016DEUBerlin35M
289Dijamant Zabergja--2016DEUMunich21H
290Armela Segashi--2016DEUMunich14M
291Sabina Sulaj--2016DEUMunich14M
292Sevda Dag--2016DEUMunich44H
293Can Leyla--2016DEUMunich14H
294Selcuk Kilic--2016DEUMunich15H
295Huseyin Dayicik--2016DEUMunich19H
296Gulliano Kollman--2016DEUMunich18H
298--DE-015/UE29-4-2017DEUPrien am Chiemsee38M
299Abed Hannan YaghoubDE-016/UE1-6-2017DEUOldenburg--H
301Walter Lübcke--2-6-2019DEUKassel66H
302Jana LangeALE-9319-10-2019DEUHalle40M
303Kevin S.ALE-9319-10-2019DEUHalle20H
304Gökhan Gültekin--19-2-2020DEUHanau
305Mercedes Kierpacz--19-2-2020DEUHanau
306Ferhat Ünvar--19-2-2020DEUHanau
307Fatih Saraçoğlu--19-2-2020DEUHanau
308Gabriele Rathjen--19-2-2020DEUHanau
309Sedat Gürbüz--19-2-2020DEUHanau
310Kolajan Velkov--19-2-2020DEUHanau
311Vili Viorel Păun--19-2-2020DEUHanau23H
312Said Nasser al-Hashemi --19-2-2020DEUHanau
313Thomas L.--10-4-2020DEUDresden55H

Mortal victims of hate crimes. Case studies

Attacks on Christians:
Attacks on Christians:

9 mortal victims

*(FRA – 981)

Nº of the entry in the database

CHRISTIAN KILLED IN A REFUGEE CAMP (FRA-981)*. In a full-blown refugee crisis, the camps set up in France were the scene of attacks against Christian migrants, harassed and blackmailed by Kurdish mafias, who threatened to report their faith to the Moroccans and Algerians. The 2016 OSCE report mentions, without giving names, the case of a Christian who was killed in a refugee camp, following several incidents of physical attacks on Christian refugees.
Source: OSCE

Hamburg, Germany

CRIME AGAINST A BELIEVER (ALE-391).. A 31-year-old Christian woman was killed by her flatmate in Freiburg (Germany) in 2016. The victim, from Paderborn, met her killer ten days before moving into a students’ flat. She volunteered at her local parish. Days before the crime, the attacker asked the victim for her opinion on same-sex marriage. When she said she was against it, he stabbed her to death. In the trial, the 25-year-old killer said that he hated all religions. The judge concluded that he had killed his flatmate “as a representative of her religion because he could not kill all believers”. He received a life sentence, with the possibility of parole after fifteen years.

Sources: Holy See, OSCE, The Local.


(ALE-410). De acuerdo con los registros de OSCE, y citando a la OIDAC, una mujer es asesinada en Alemania a causa de su fe.

María M.
Bad Friedrichshall, Germany

CRIME OF BEING AN “INFIDEL” (ALE-419). . MMaría M., a 70-year-old woman, was killed by an asylum-seeker who lived in her house inn Bad Friedrichshall because she was an “infidel”. German law maintained the anonymity of the victim and the aggressor.

Sources: OIDAC, OSCE, Express.

Hamburg, Germany

KILLING OF A MAN IN A SUPERMARKET IN HAMBURG (ALE-669). Ahmad A., a 26-year-old man of Palestinian origin, punched a 50-year-old man to death in July 2017 in a supermarket in Hamburg and injured seven other people. The attacker, whose request for asylum had been rejected, carried out the attack with a kitchen knife he had picked from a shelf in the supermarket with the intention of killing “as many Germans of Christian faith” as possible. The authorities ruled out any connections with terrorist organisations.

Sources: OSCE, OIDAC, ABC.

Prien, Germany

AN AFGHAN WOMAN KILLED IN THE PRESENCE OF HER CHILDREN (ALE-676). On 29 April 2017 a 29-year-old woman of Afghan origin was killed in the presence of two of her children (aged 5 and 11) at the entrance to a supermarket in Prien, in southern Germany. The victim had converted to Christianity, belonged to a Protestant Evangelical church and was active in the life of the parish. During the trial the attacker, whose request for asylum had been rejected, said that he had killed the women after she had asked him if he wanted to convert to Christianity, and that he felt frustrated by his imminent deportation. The victim was the mother of two other children and was an “example of integration”, according to the local authorities. Around 200 people attended her funeral.

Sources: OIDAC, OSCE, Evangelical Focus, The Local.

Alain-Florent Gandoulou
Hamburg, Germany

A CATHOLIC PRIEST KILLED (ALE-957).. The Catholic priest Alain-Florent Gandoulou, a 54-year-old Congolese national, was found dead with signs of violence on church premises on 22 February 2018. People living nearby said that the priest had just had a loud argument with someone in French.
Gandoulou was ordained as a priest in 1991 and received a doctorate from Bonn University Faculty of Theology in 2008. In 2009, he was appointed to head the pastoral mission of the French-speaking Catholic Parish of Berlin, set up in 1945. The alleged attacker was a 29-year-old man from Cameroon. In 2019 the German courts determined that the accused was not completely responsible for the crime, as he suffered from mental illness. Given the high risk of him committing another crime, he was sent to a psychiatric institution.


Sources: Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe, OSCE, DW, Agence D’Information D’Afrique Central.

Warsaw, Poland

STABBING IN A CHURCH IN WARSAW (POL-455). . In April 2019, a man of about 60 years of age, the father of the parish priest of Saint Augustine in Warsaw, was stabbed in the church as he went for confession. His son was also attacked and injured.

Source: Ordo Iuris Institute.

Anti-Gypsyism attacks:
Anti-Gypsyism attacks:

6 mortal victims

Breslavia, Poland

MAN OF ROMANY ETHNICITY BRUTALLY BEATEN TO DEATH (POL-707). A 26-year-old Romany man was found at night, injured, in his home in Breslavia. The victim had a broken pelvis and legs; he later died in hospital. He was the father of two children, with a pregnant wife.

Sources: Open Dialogue, Wroclaw.wp.

Islamophobic attacks:
Islamophobic attacks:

1 mortal victim

– -, France

MUSLIM GUNNED DOWN (FRA-1317). A Muslim man was gunned down in his car. The perpetrator admitted killing the victim while shouting anti-Muslim and racist language.

Source: CCIF.

Anti-Semitic attacks and against victims of the Holocaust:
Anti-Semitic attacks and against victims of the Holocaust:

2 mortal

Sarah Halimi
Paris, France

JEWISH DOCTOR KILLED (FRA-1092). Sarah Halimi, a 60-year-old Jewish woman and a retired doctor, was killed in her home in Paris and her body defenestrated. The perpetrator was a 27-year-old man who shouted “Allahou Akbar” when committing the crime. He suffered from psychiatric problems. The court stated that, due to these problems, he could not be tried in a criminal court, a decision that was widely challenged.

Source: Kantor Center.

Mireille Knoll
Paris, France

KILLING OF MIREILLE KNOLL (FRA-1358). ireille Knoll, an 85-year-old survivor of the Holocaust, was stabbed to death and her home in district 11 of Paris was set on fire. In 1942, Knoll had managed to escape from the roundup in the Vél d’Hiv, in which more than 13,000 Jews, including 4,000 children, were detained by French police under the Vichy regime and transferred to the extermination camp at Auschwitz. Knoll’s mother, the holder of a Brazilian passport, managed to escape to Portugal with Mireille. Knoll later returned to Paris, where she married another Holocaust survivor. He died a few years before she was killed. Once widowed, she lived alone in her apartment. On 23 March 2018 two young men attacked her in her home; they were later accused of a hate crime due to its anti-Semitic nature. It later became known that one of the accused, a Muslim of Maghrebi origin and a neighbour of the victim, had a police record for sexual abuse.

Source: Kantor Center.

Homophobic and transphobic attacks:
Homophobic and transphobic attacks:

26 mortal victims

Vanessa Campos
Paris, France

On 17 August 2018 Vanessa Campos, a 36-year-old transgender woman of Peruvian origin who worked as a prostitute and did not have residence papers, was killed in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris. The attackers belonged to a gang that robbed and harassed clients who, pursued by a new law, sought out prostitutes in the woods.

Source: SOS Homophobie, The New York Times.

–, Italy

TRANS PERSON KILLED IN ITALY (ITA-164). In 2015, a transgender woman was killed in Italy and her body thrown into a garbage container.

Source: Transgender Europe.

Elisa Pomarelli
Carpaneto Piacenza, Italy

KILLED FOR REJECTING HER MURDERER (ITA-717). A young woman, Elisa Pomarelli, was killed by Massimo Sebastiani, a man whose advances she had refused and who spread a rumour that she was a lesbian. The aggressor, who confessed to the crime, killed Elisa on 25 August 2019 in Piacenza.

Source: Gay Center, Il mesaggero.

Umberto Ranieri
Rome, Italy

THE ARTIST UMBERTO RANIERI KILLED (ITA-720). In June 2019 an 18-year-old man of Tunisian origin was arrested and accused of killing the Umberto Ranieri (55 years of age) by punching him to death in Rome. The attack took place in public, and the aggressor was arrested. Arcigay considers that there was a homophobic motive behind the crime.

Sources: ILGA-Europe, ArciGay.

Castelfranco, Italy

(ITA-721). A 52-year-old man from Bologna was found dead in a car park in Castelfranco.

Source: ILGA-Europe, ArciGay.

Alberto Enrique Ferrer
Valencia, Spain

HOMOSEXUAL MAN KILLED AFTER A RENDEZVOUS (ESP-369). AAlberto Enrique Ferrer, 42 years of age, ran a hairdressing salon in Valencia. In September 2017 he arranged to meet a Swedish drug dealer called Pierre Danilo Larancuent via a dating app. Larancuent had previously been in prison and suffered from mental issues. Ferrer’s body was later found, dismembered, in a garbage container.

Sources: Spanish Observatory against LGBTphobia, Las Provincias.

Fernando Lumbreras
Valencia, Spain

KILLING OF AN LGTBI ACTIVIST (ESP-570). The 60-year-old LGTBI activist Fernando Lumbreras was beaten and strangled to death in his home in Valencia by a man of Georgian origin, Shalva E., on 3 December 2018. Activist associations related the crime to anti-LGTBI intentions. Shlava E. was declared guilty of homicide but was absolved of theft with violence.

Sources: Spanish Observatory against LGBTphobia, El Mundo.


TRANS MIGRANT PERSON STABBED (ITA-298). A transgender migrant woman was stabbed to death in a park. The police detained a suspect.

Sources: Transgender Europe.

Attacks due to political intolerance:
Attacks due to political intolerance:

5 mortal victims

Pawel Adamowicz
Gdansk, Poland

MAYOR STABBED (POL-490). The Mayor of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz, was stabbed by a 27-year-old man with a police record for several offences, Stefan W., on 13 January 2019. The events occurred during a charity ceremony in the city in which the Mayor encouraged local residents to raise funds. Adamowicz suffered wounds to his vital organs, and died the following day. After the stabbing, the aggressor grabbed a microphone and justified his act for having been “unjustly imprisoned and stabbed”. Adamowicz had expressed his support for refugees and LGTBI persons, for which he was criticised by members of the Extreme Right.

Sources: How hate kills, Hate crimes in Poland in 2019, Open Dialogue, El País.

Walter Lübcke
Istha, Hesse. Germany

MEMBER OF THE CHRISTIAN DEMOCRATIC UNION KILLED IN HIS HOME BY AN EXTREMIST. Lübcke was known for his pro-immigration opinions. He received death threats after saying in a public meeting that people were free to leave the country if they opposed helping asylum-seekers.

Racist and xenophobic attacks:
Racist and xenophobic attacks:

38 mortal victims

Mamoudou Barry
Rouen, France

RACIST KILLED IN ROUEN (FRA-1492). The 31-year-old Guinean researcher Mamoudou Barry died following an attack by a man who shouted racist insults at him in Rouen in July 2019. The victim was the father of a 2-year-old child. The alleged aggressor, a 29-year-old man with a police record, was sent to a psychiatric institution.

Sources: SOS Racisme, Le Monde.


(ITA-001). The circumstances are unknown, as it was a crime included in the first report of the OSCE in 2015 (data not provided).

Source: OSCE.

Mohamed Habassi
Parma, Italy

TUNISIAN TORTURED TO DEATH (ITA-171). In May 2016 Mohamed Habassi, a 34-year-old Tunisian, was brutally tortured in a rented apartment on the outskirts of Parma. The aggressors, a group of six men, were led by the owner of the apartment, who decided to attack the victim alleging that he had not paid the rent for several months. Habassi was the father of a boy who had already lost his mother in a road accident; the boy lived with his grandparents in Tunisia.

Source: Lunaria, SETA, Il fatto quotidiano.

Emmanuel Chidi Namdi
Fermo, Italy

NIGERIAN KILLED BY A FANATIC (ITA-172). Emmanuel Chidi Namdi, a 36-year-old refugee of Nigerian origin, died after being attacked in Fermo. The attacker was a fanatical follower of the local football team who had previously insulted Mr Chidi’s wife. Mr Chidi came to her defence and was struck with a traffic sign. The couple, who had fled from Boko Haram, were living in a religious institution and had requested asylum in Italy.

Source: Lunaria, SETA, Euronews, ABC.

Niang Maguette
Roma, Italy

(ITA-314). Niang Maguette was a 54-year-old Senegalese woman who had been in Italy for 30 years, earning a living as a street vendor in Rome. In May 2017 a police operation was conducted against groups of these vendors, including Niang. The circumstances of her death were not clarified, despite an inquiry by the Prosecutor’s Office. The Chief of Police in Rome, Antonio di Maggio, stated that there was no direct relation between the operation and Niang’s death.

Sources: Lunaria, OSCE, The Local, Getty Images.

Shaden Mohamed Al-Gohari

EGYPTIAN STUDENT RUN OVER (ALE-702). Shaden Mohamed Al-Gohari, a 22-year-old Egyptian student was run over and killed in the German city of Cottbus. The occupants of the car later shouted racist and xenophobic slogans against refugees.

Source: FAIR.

Aprilia, Italy

DIED AFTER BEING CHASED (ITA-558). In July 2018, a 43-year-old Moroccan man died in Aprilia (Latina, Italy) in an accident that occurred as two Italian men started to chase him, suspecting that he was a thief. In the chase, the victim’s car left the road and the occupant died in the collision.
Source: LUNARIA, La Stampa.

Soumaila Sacko
Calabria, Italy

A YOUNG MAN FROM MALI DIED FROM A SHOT IN THE HEAD WHILE HE WAS COLLECTING SCRAP (ITA-555).Soumaila Sacko was 29 years old when he was killed in Calabria. He was from Mali and was in Italy legally. He worked outdoors and did what he could to earn an honest living. In June 2018 he was with friends collecting scrap from a factory when a vehicle approached and the driver fired shots at Soumaila and his companions. One of the bullets hit him in the head and he died later in hospital.
Source: The local.

Source: The local.

Idy Diene
Florencia, Italy

SIX SHOTS AT POINT-BLANK RANGE AGAINST A STREET VENDOR (ITA-577). In March 2018, Idy Diene, a 54-year-old street vendor from Senegal working in Florence, was killed by Roberto Pirrone. The police determined that the detainee had fired six shots at point-blank range against Idy, who was selling his wares on a bridge in the city. The Mayor of Florence expressed his sympathy and solidarity with the Senegalese community. The police did not find a racist motive behind the attack, but neither did they provide any rational explanation for the crime. Representatives of the Senegalese community believe that it was a racist killing due to the general political climate in Italy at the time.

Sources: LUNARIA, SETA, UNHCR, CNN, Business Day.

Daniel Nyarko
Foggia, Italy

GHANANIAN GUNNED DOWN WHILE RIDING A BICYCLE (ITA-892). On 28 March 2019 in Borgo Mezzanone, in the Italian province of Foggia, a 51-year-old Ghanaian, Daniel Nyarko, was shot while riding a bicycle. He looked after a property and had avoided the theft of agricultural vehicles there. The thieves were arrested; they had been released from prison a few days before. His body remained in the mortuary for four months, until three associations −the Association of Immigrants for Integration and Social Motivation (Aiims), the Trade Union Association of Ghana in Puglia, and Caritas de San Severo− began a campaign to raise funds for his burial.

Sources: LUNARIA, Il fatto quotidiano.

Modou Diop
Marcianise, Italy

A SENEGALESE MAN WHO WASHED CAR WINDSCREENS WAS BRUTALLY RUN OVER BY A CLIENT (ITA-923). Modou Diop was a 29-year-old Senegalese man who washed car windscreens at traffic lights in in the Italian region of Campania. According to the inquiry, on 18 February 2019 he had an argument with Giovanni Buonanno, a 22-year-old man with a police record. In response, Buonanno ran him over and caused injuries that led to his death a few hours later. The aggressor was sentenced to 14 years in prison for first-degree murder.

Sources: Lunaria, Il Mattino.

Jastrzębsko Stare, Poland

FAILURE TO PROVIDE ASSISTANCE LEADING TO DEATH (POL-702). A 36-year-old Ukrainian man called Wasyl, who worked in a coffin workshop near Nowy Tomyśl, fainted and fell unconscious. The owner of the business asked the other employees to leave the premises and left the man’s body in a forest one hundred kilometres away. The corpse was accidently discovered the next day. Various Ukrainian workers covered up for the boss, under the threat of reprisals.

Sources: Open Dialogue, AP News.

Mouad A.
Madrid, Spain

MOROCCAN SHOPKEEPER STABBED TO DEATH BY CUSTOMERS (ESP-539). Mouad A., a 23-year-old Moroccan man who ran a tea shop in the town of Leganés, near Madrid, was killed in November 2018 after telling some customers that he was about to close the premises. The customers became violent and a fight started, in which Mouad was stabbed in the chest and later bled to death. One month later the police arrested seven individuals for their involvement in the murder.

Sources: El Mundo, El Confidencial, Unión de Comunidades Islámicas de España.

Zaragoza, Spain

A YOUNG ALGERIAN DIED FOLLOWING AN ATTACK (ESP-575). S. H., a 20-year-old Algerian man, died from stab wounds following a scuffle in Zaragoza. The attack took place in a popular drinking area in the city in the early hours of November 2018.

Sources: Unión de Comunidades Islámicas de España, La Vanguardia.